AG anti-glare effect Advantages: 1, to maintain the advantages of Huadu bright stickers;
2, to effectively prevent the light reflection caused by screen reflection;
3, to avoid the bright rainbow phenomenon attached to the shutdown after the protection of the screen, by Yan image effects at the same time on the human body more healthy.
AG anti-glare effect Application: It is especially suitable for outdoor advertising screen, touch screen in public places, teaching display and whiteboard, etc. We can provide different anti-glare glass according to customer's request, including AG film, AG coating and AG etching.
We specialize in producing cover glass Thickness from 0.33MM-0.4MM;
Specifications from the Tablet PC's 10 "touch screen to 100" UHD TV cover glass.
All kinds of digital consumer electronics products have imported touch applications
Promote the global touch panel market to grow rapidly.
We produce the glass cover application of public places lobby information query,
Leading office, video games, multimedia teaching, ticket / train tickets and other pre-sale
Europe and the United States cover the field of application, in addition to teaching equipment,
Flat, etc., will also be used in the exhibition hall display.

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